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Lens Hire

Choice of lens options available



To achieve the best results, it is important to ensure that the correct lens is chosen to suit the required throw distance. The throw distance is the distance between the projector and the projector screen.



We offer a large selection of different projector lenses to suit a wide range of applications, from small presentation or conference events, through to large scale, high impact visual displays.



Our large and medium sized projectors are available with a choice of different lens options, which include the following:





Ultra short throw – wide angle lens - for very short distance projection applications.
Short throw – wide angle lens - suitable for short distance projection applications.
Medium throw – zoom lens - suitable for medium projection distances - with remote zoom & focus.
Long throw – zoom lens - suitable for longer projection distances - with remote zoom & focus.



In addition to projector hire, we stock a wide range of other hire equipment, suitable for many different applications. For specific hire requirements please visit www.eisaudiovisual.co.uk where you can choose from our full list of available hire equipment, including:


Sound hire, Lighting hire, Audio visual hire, Screen hire, Radio microphone hire, PA system hire, Starcloth hire, Projector Hire and Stage hire.







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